Springtime for Scammers

Spring in Madison is finally here! Time to get the bikes out

Spring has finally sprung here in Wisconsin! With 60 degree days and more hours of sunshine, the outside repair projects and yard cleanup around my house are in full swing.

The other project that seems to be in full swing are the door-to-door sales calls. Now, I’m not talking about the Girl Scout cookie sales calls. Those are legit and fantastic! Who doesn’t like to eat an entire sleeve of Thin Mints in one sitting?

I’m talking about those people who come around with high pressure sales, offering to do your yard work, gutter cleaning, roof/siding/driveway/fence repairs, tree trimming, install alarm systems, etc. You name it, dishonest people still use the old fashioned door-to-door techniques to steal from you.

In a door-to-door scam, the con artist knocks on your door and offers a repair service by convincing you to pay CASH UP FRONT for a service. This method is used frequently on seniors because this generation of good people were raised to be courteous and trusting, and are unfortunately easy targets. Many seniors fall prey to scammers with this because they do not want to be perceived as rude.
So, how can we all protect ourselves and our loved ones from door-to-door scams? Follow these helpful tips offered by the Better Business Bureau of Wisconsin:

1. Never respond to unsolicited offers of service. If someone is pressuring you at your door, ask the person to leave their information and you will get back with them. This will give you time to verify their credentials.

2. If someone knocks on your door with a great deal, let them know you are going to shop around and check their company information.

3. Obtain several bids IN WRITING for repairs and service work on your home. This allows you time to make a thoughtful decision and gives you a paper trail in case problems arise with the work.

4. If you need services or repairs to your property, schedule appointments with contractors; never let anyone into your home unless you have an appointment.

5. When you are verifying credentials, look up the company’s contact information in the phone book or online. Do not use the number on the individual’s business card, as it may be fake.

6. If you live alone, NEVER share this information with an unsolicited visitor.

7. Never give cash to door-to-door people who are offering a service or demanding payment and report suspicious activity to your local law enforcement agency.

At 4 Lakes Handyman, we always offer FREE WRITTEN estimates for our repair services, and we always schedule an appointment that fits with your schedule. For added financial safeguards, we accept credit card payments. 4 Lakes Handyman is certified by the Association for Certified Handyman Professionals.

For more information on how we can help you with your spring to-do list, call or email us today!